Sailing around Mahé, Seychelles

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

Today is a designated sailing day, but – while sunny and gorgeous to look at here in Port Launay – there isn’t much wind, so not actually very good for sailing.

We motor sail (sails up to catch what wind there is, but engines running to ensure actual movement) for a while, but eventually cut the engines and glide (slowly) in perfect silence.

We are barely moving, but the scenery is lovely and a trio of dolphins joins us for a few moments.

Just as the dolphins vanish, we get a call from the skipper on the lead boat – checking to see if we are having any problems. This is a nice way of asking what we are doing sitting out here with no wind.

We take the hint, turn on the engines, and hustle to join the other boats. Along the way we are subjected to a brief investigation by an ultra-light aircraft.

Does that count as an exotic bird sighting?

We never do find much in the way of wind and end up motor sailing to our anchorage.

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