Driving Around Mahé, Seychelles

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

The Seychelles is the scariest place we have driven.  (The road around the far end of Viti Levu in Fiji is another contender for this title, but it was under construction at the time and we were driving it in torrential rain in a vehicle that died at unpredictable intervals, so it seems unfair to confer the title of scariest road on it given those additional factors.)  The main roads on Mahé have good solid pavement, so there is no need to watch for potholes.  Nor are the drivers as aggressive as others we’ve come across.

The positive news ends there. The driving reminds me the most of Ireland – if Ireland had more and steeper hair-pin curves and pavement edges that abruptly dropped off into infinity instead of turning into a “hard edge.”

For whatever reason, the car rental agent directed us to our hotel via what turned out to be the long way – totally in the wrong direction, on a road that eventually came to a dead end. While this was quite confusing and resulted in a long delay in actually getting to our hotel, it did provide us with a good tour of the island. Thankfully, a friend navigated while Lane drove, eliminating arguments over directions and allowing me to gawk at the scenery and take pictures from the back seat without having to monitor a map.

And what scenery it is! The narrow, twisting roads over the mountains virtually tunnel through the lush forest. We are clearly in the jungle!

The road flattens out slightly along the coast. It’s beautiful, but still a bit unnerving to drive.


Did I mention that we did much of our first day driving with a gas tank that was nearly empty?

The practice in the Seychelles is to rent cars with an empty gas tank, so check. There are only a handful of places on the island where you can get gas and none were located even remotely near our hotel. I can assure you that we enjoyed our touring much more before we realized we were on “empty” and after we were finally able to fill up!

Still, it’s a great way to get out and see the island and we only slipped off the road once.

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3 thoughts on “Driving Around Mahé, Seychelles”

  1. This place looks like a little bit of heaven. Very lush. I totally concur with the irish being crazy drivers. Just try cycling beside those drivers.

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