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There is an almost unbelievable amount of diversity in the United States, making it the perfect place for a long-distance road trip!

My USA travel map

I’ve traveled around a fair bit of my home country over the years, including as a child. That’s taken me to almost all 50 states, but I’m ready to go back and visit them all again!

(Click any state for links to posts and travel guides.)

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USA Travel Map

Exploration Vacation travel guides, itineraries, and posts

Travel guides


Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Washington state, Washington DC, and Wisconsin

cacti, mountains, and lake with text "Exploring Arizona"flowers and palms above the ocean with text "Travel Guide for Exploring California"

island in a lake with text "Exploring Minnesota"

prairie with abandoned church and text "Exploring North Dakota"

Posts on the USA

All posts on US states and territories

glacier meeting the sea with text "Alaska"mountains with golden sunset and text "Arizona"

Pacific coast in northern California with text "California"link to stories about Colorado on ExplorationVacation.net

sunset over the sea behind palms with text "Hawaii"

fish shack and boats with text "Massachusetts"

forest and lighthouse with text "Minnesota"

peppers drawing by an adobe wall with text "New Mexico"

Statue of Liberty with text "New York"

buffalo grazing under a rainbow with text "North Dakota"

flowers by a fountain with text "Oregon"

long horn cattle with text "Texas"

Monument Valley with text "Utah"

Seattle city view with Mt Rainer and text "Washington"

trillium flowers with text "Wisconsin"

Washington Monument and US Capitol from the air with text "Washington DC"palm tree and umbrella along beach with text "Puerto Rico"

islands, sea, and palms with text "US Virgin Islands"


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