Felicité in the Seychelles

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

I’m not interested in snorkeling right now, so Joel very kindly agrees to take me ashore at what appears to be a little harbor with a beach on Felicité Island. We cut the motor as we near the beach and switch to paddling (Joel quietly calling out my every stroke, his own strokes compensating for both my weak ones and the current).  As we move, we glide past chunks of coral, a sea turtle, and brightly colored fish.

It’s peaceful and beautiful.

From the deck of Tharius the surf looked strong at this beach, but Joel brings us in to shore as smooth as silk.

Once ashore I can see that this beach with its little harbor isn’t really in use anymore:  The fine sand has been left to collect debris, a large concrete-covered area surrounds a long-abandoned swimming pool, and there is no path from the beach to the nearby road.

I make my own path.

The sand road runs through a little group of cottages. There appears to be a little dining area in one, but otherwise these seem to be private dwellings and I wonder whether they are home to visiting tourists or the local people who serve those tourists?

While the structures themselves look as if they could use a little more maintenance, they are in a beautiful location, sitting amid flowering shrubs and dramatic boulders, with the rocky granite hills (mountains?) high above. The ocean, of course, is spread out in front of them. It would be a good place to spend time.

The next beach is a stone’s throw down the road. It is picture perfect and nearly deserted.

Clearly there is no shortage of beautiful beaches in the Seychelles.

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