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I’ve blogged about my travel for years without using it to make money in any way. However, travel is expensive, so I’ve decided that if there is a way to use this website to help off-set a trip or some sweet camera without requiring me to be less opinionated, I might sign on to that.

Here’s what that means for you:

The views and opinions expressed are purely my own

I have pretty strong opinions about most things. Everything on this web site represents my opinion of the destination, product, service, etc. regardless of whether I receive a commission, freebie, or some other special deal related to it. If I said it was great, then I really thought it was great.

If I publish a guest post or sponsored post, it will be clearly identified as such. But even then it will be consistent with my values and opinions or it won’t be published.

I’ll let you know if I got a special deal

I will disclose in each post if I got a trip, hotel stay, tour, meal, admission to an attraction or event, transportation, book, or piece of gear for free or at a reduced price not available to the general public.

You need to know that because, as hard as I try, it is really hard to judge the true value of something when you didn’t pay for it yourself.

Advertising and affiliate links

Advertising on ExplorationVacation is limited to the use of affiliate links, personal discount codes, and (potentially) sponsored posts consistent with the products and services I use and recommend.

I provide links for your further enlightenment and/or convenience. Some of these links may provide a small commission to me (at no cost to you) if you use them to make a purchase. 

Links to TripAdvisor may be a source of income for me

I use affiliate links to send potential customers to TripAdvisor. This means that your clicking on an identified TripAdvisor Affiliate link will take you to TripAdvisor and provide me with a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you go on to link to one of TripAdvisor’s booking sites. I love TripAdvisor and pretty much never book a hotel without looking at it, so this is a logical connection for my website to make. I suggest you do the same, and I would greatly appreciate your using one of my links to do so!

Airbnb discount codes payoff for both of us

As a member of Airbnb I have a discount code I can share to encourage others to create an account and book lodging through Airbnb. The first time you do this you can save up to $40 and I get a credit of $20.

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