Life in Baie Ternay, Seychelles

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2020)

We awake to brilliant sunshine in Baie Ternay Marine Park that turns to clouds, but it’s still a lovely spot with what looks like great snorkeling.

We get a sense of how good the snorkeling will be here early in the morning when Lane dangles his legs in the water and is immediately surrounded by fish.

We joke that they are the 47 percent looking for a handout, but it seems a sign that amazing things await below.

Best of all, we have all day here, giving us time to linger over a brunch of French toast with rum batter before we dive in. (I’m the head cook this morning.) I felt we needed to get rid of the bread, which is fine once the mold has been sliced off and fed to the fish, and that you can never go wrong by adding a bit of rum. Of course, this wasn’t enough for my boat mates, who one-up me by drizzling additional rum – my Takamaka! –  directly over the rum infused French toast!

Brunch over, it’s time to snorkel.

Even the fish seem excited to have us join them in the water.

It’s magical underwater, where there are fish everywhere and a fair amount of healthy coral.

This is how we spend the day, gliding through the water with the fish when not sitting on deck relaxing for a bit (snacking).

Sometimes it rains, but it doesn’t really matter and soon the sun returns again anyway. The light is better when the sun is out, otherwise it doesn’t really matter underwater.

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