Off to Thérése Island, Seychelles

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2020)

The plan is to leave Mahe’s Port Launay Marine Park for the day, taking a short sail further along the coast to Thérése Island. Once there, we will have most of the day for snorkeling.

Our captain protests this plan – “This is a perfectly good spot, what’s over there that is better than what is here?”

We are in a lovely spot, but the snorkeling is better off Thérése Island, so – although we have the option of staying – we pull up the anchor and follow the others out of the bay.

Unfortunately, it is neither a great day for sailing or for snorkeling. The weather is damp and wet, with only enough breeze to make the water choppy. Despite the broad reef and stunning beaches along Thérése Island, I’m not very tempted to get into the water.

We dawdle over lunch (I cook up the last of the wahoo, simply sautéing it in butter – the better to enjoy its flaky perfection) and soon after we head back and settle into Port Launay again for the night.

Thérése Island was absolutely gorgeous, but our captain was right – we could have stayed in Port Launay for the day. The bay is pretty sheltered, so we probably could have gone snorkeling. Heck, we could have just hung out on the beach for a day. (We haven’t had much beach time on this trip.) Of course, then I wouldn’t have seen how beautiful the area around Thérése Island is.

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