Lodging in the Garden of Eden, Mahé, Seychelles

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

The Seychelles is an expensive travel destination, although in recent years more options, at a broader range of prices, have become available to the independent traveler.  Still, the choices are pretty limited if you want decent lodgings for less than a few hundred dollars.  For that reason, our expectations for Eden’s Holiday Villas (priced when we booked, well below $150 US) were fairly low. We were hoping the rooms would be reasonably clean, located not too far from the coast, and have some sort of a view from the property.

We had been told that the hotel would be easy to spot right along the coast road, but I was skeptical of that – I knew the hotel wasn’t on the beach. It had to be inland, up the side of the mountain somewhere.

But, I was wrong – it was indeed right along the road.

And, while it was true that it wasn’t on the beach, it was directly across the road from a tiny beach with views of another gorgeous beach across the way.

The villa complex has a main building with a carport, reception area, bar and (excellent) restaurant, game room (complete with pool table,) and some other common spaces, most with lovely views over L’ Islette to Thérése Island.

Above this complex, the villas crawl up the hillside above, ending at a (mercifully flat) parking lot. Our villa was about ¾ up, which left us climbing stairs no matter where we parked. But climbing those stairs was completely worth the effort, as our large room opened out to a little patio and a semi-private garden with stunning views.

But then, does it even matter what the room is like when you have a view like this?

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2 thoughts on “Lodging in the Garden of Eden, Mahé, Seychelles”

  1. Hello,

    I find your summary of this trip very interesting. So are your pictures. I'm going at the same hotel in October, do you have any advices ? What about the beaches near the hotel and the temperatures (air/water) there in October ?

    Thanks a lot.



    1. Damien –
      It was still hot there (in the 80s) when we were there. That's warmer than usual.

      There is a beautiful swimming beach at Port Launay just up the road. The best snorkeling we found was also nearby (past the swimming beach) at Baie Ternay http://thetravelgal.blogspot.com/2012/10/life-in-baie-ternay-seychelles.html , but the road was blocked when we were there and the only way to get there was by water – very worth doing!

      The main road along that end of the island seems to have bus service and there are a lot of beaches just off the road. And you can always hire a boat to take you elsewhere right from the bay by the hotel. Actually, it looks like there is a nice little beach right by the hotel (on the island) but we didn't get over to check it out.

      The best food we found was actually at the hotel, so I'd recommend that.

      Have a wonderful time. Let me know if you have other questions, I should be aroud for a bit and quicker to answer.

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