At sea in the Seychelles

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2020)

This morning is designated for sailing, something I’m eager to do. The wind is light, but there is enough to move us along. I love it when the motor goes quiet.

I am looking forward to a morning spent gliding among these beautiful islands, admiring their rocky coastlines and pristine beaches from the water.

But our captains want more wind. . .and they want to test the boat a bit. . .and they want to take the course that requires the least amount of tacking – so they head far out into open water while the other boats play among the islands.

I want to sail, but I want to sight-see too.  So I sit glumly, watching the rocky shore retreat into the distance, the other boats skimming along the shoreline of the islands. Occasionally I send a catty remark up to the captain’s bench to express my displeasure, but mostly I just watch as the islands move farther into the distance.

Of course, our captains aren’t really getting what they want either, as the wind turns out to not be very good out here either. We end up doing a lot of motoring.

Eventually we do turn in toward the islands and I get to see some of the wonderful shoreline and rocky islets as we join the other boats at a gorgeous anchorage off Felicité Island.

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