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morocco prezi presentationExploring Morocco

Dream Trips: Morocco (January, 15, 2013)

Capture the Colour – the Moroccan Edition (September 2013)



As one of Morocco’s imperial cities, Meknès is a great introduction to Morocco. It has almost all the things visitors love about Morocco in a small package.

Meknès, Morocco: Home of a Few Imperial Gems


Morocco’s ancient cultural heart. A step into the medina is a step into the past.

Cascades d’Ouzoud and Around




Along the Atlantic Coast (April 3)

Travel Details



Getting There and Around

Our trip was arranged by Morocco Explored.

We had our own drivers throughout.

Daily Snapshots and Travel Journals

Links to my daily travel diaries.

The Dream List: Morocco

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Morocco”

  1. Just had fun going through many of these posts as we are thinking of heading here in February. Any other things you wish you’d done? We do want a 4 day trek in the Atlas Mountains and not a lot of city time.

    1. Leigh, you will love the Atlas Mountains! We drove some of the back roads and it was stunning, but our guide said that tourists never go there unless they are hiking through. The food will be wonderful. Be sure to stop at a casbah or two, and do take time to see some of the architecture – it’s fabulous and different from other places I’ve been. I didn’t love Marrakesh, it was ok, but I liked the other cities more. The one place I missed that I really wanted to get to was the blue city of Chefchaouen. If you are hiking anywhere near there, go see it. Essaouira was my favorite city – we were there when it wasn’t particularly windy and it would be a good place to relax at the end of the trip. It’s a mix of Morocco and Portugal, so not as intense as Fez or Marrakesh. Finishing the Morocco posts is on this winter’s to-do list (because I think this is a great time to visit there), but we’ll see how I do! Enjoy your trip and the Berber hospitality you will get along the way.

      1. As you can appreciate I’m not much of a city person. I’d like to spend a night in the Sahara. Don’t feel a big need to see most of the cities – though Chefchaouen was also on my list. Did you stay in Casablanca?

        1. We loved the night in the Sahara and just the area in general. I would love to go back to that area again. We did not stay in Casablanca – no time. Meknes is a good alternative (it’s an easy drive from the airport) and is small, mostly walkable, and stuffed with historic structures. There are lots of tiny towns and casbahs in the Valley of the Roses (I think that is what it is called, it’s been awhile now) and you can tour the area by hiking. I would have liked to have done that, but there was only so much time. It’s not far from Erg Chebbi. The Todra gorge area would also be spectacular, with no big cities. Are you planning to drive yourself, hire a guide, do a tour – or a combination of the above?

          1. I’m at the preliminary stages but I would like to hire a guide for the hiking – and I know there’s a 4 day hike we can do. A driver would be ideal for part of it – recommendations?
            I might reach out on twitter as well.

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