Fishing Fleet in Essaouira, Morocco

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2020)

The harbor in Essaouira seems to always be crowded with fishing boats, some larger vessels, but mostly small traditional boats painted brilliant blue.

Essaouira fishing 1 boats DSC_8251 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 3 DSC_8177 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 4 DSC_2175 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 10 DSC_8161 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 12 DSC_8249 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 8 DSC_8219 Morocco

I had assumed that the market would be open only at the very start of the day and that I missed all the action by not getting up with the sun. However, there was still plenty of action when I finally arrived at the harbor as some fisherman cleaned and sold their catch while others cleaned their boats and pulled in the nets for repair.

Essaouira fishing 18 DSC_8204 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 24 DSC_8262 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 28 DSC_8268 Morocco

Essaouira fish market 30 DSC_8243 Morocco

Essaouira fish market 32 DSC_8246 Morocco

Essaouira fish market 34 DSC_8495 Morocco

Essaouira fishing 29 DSC_8256 Morocco

The small blue boats of Essaouira are largely family-owned. This was once the most important port in Morocco for sardine fishing, an industry that was built on boats like these. While no longer a major port, this fleet still provides much of the fresh fish served in cities all along the coast.

Essaouira fish market 38 DSC_8524 Morocco

Of course, they also ensure that there is plenty of fresh fish available for my lunch and dinner right here in Essaouira.

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