Sunset from the Rooftop, Essaouira, Morocco

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

We scope out our dinner options as we explore the city, or rather, I looked up at some point, saw umbrella-topped tables perched at the edge of a roof, and decided that was where I wanted to eat. Fortunately my husband had given the matter a little more advance consideration and knew that Taros Cafe, the restaurant I was looking up at, was as well-known for its lovely Moroccan food as for its bar and rooftop seating.

Essaouira Taros Cafe in Morocco DSC_8135

I insist that we arrive well before sunset. It is too early for dinner, but a drink sounds wonderful and I want to secure one of those tables with a view over the harbor before they are gone.

So we sit on the rooftop with our drinks, the air cooling rapidly as the sun sinks.  We are nearly, but not quite, alone as we sit up here watching the light change all around us.

Essaouira - view on the roof of Taros Cafe  DSC_8064

Essaouira - view of the roof of Taros Cafe  DSC_8068

Essaouira - view of the roof of Taros Cafe in Morocco  DSC_8072

The sun sets with minimal glamour, gulls screeching at it drops into the sea.

Essaouira - sunset from the roof of Taros Cafe in Morocco  DSC_8089

Essaouira - sunset from the roof of Taros Cafe in Morocco DSC_8103

Essaouira - sunset from the roof of Taros Cafe in Morocco DSC_8111

It’s magical anyway.

It also signals that it is time for dinner.

By now the air is chilly; it’s time to find a warmer spot. We are led to a romantic table in a candlelit corner of the floor below. Here the center of the room is still open to the sky, but heat lamps and blankets shelter us from the breeze. It is the perfect place to settle in for a delicious dinner of the freshest seafood.

As we eat, a musician begins to play. He is talented, playing and softly singing folk songs, most of which I don’t recognize, but that sound familiar anyway.

It is a lovely end to the day.

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