Afternoon on the Pacific Princess

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2019)

I feel like we should be out doing something – anything – to make the most of our time here, but we can’t figure out what. There isn’t time for another snorkel outing. We could have done a taxi up around the island, but that would be a lot more money again and I’m not sure we would have seen much in the short time we still have here.

It is weird to sit here, by a window in the lounge looking out at the island. It feels so. . . disconnected from reality. It’s not much different from watching the world on TV – you see it, but you don’t feel it, taste it smell it, live it. It’s just an image in your head. Lane’s right – a ship like this isn’t really our thing. I think it will be great for doing a Pacific crossing, but it isn’t how we want to experience the world. When we come back here (I will come back here. I can’t believe Lane has waited 22 years to come back!) we will either stay on this island or, preferably, do a yacht charter and visit a number of the islands. Either way, we’ll be part of things rather than just an observer.

As we were coming in a number of the local men were trying to ride the wake behind the tenders that Princess uses to shuttle people between the ship and the port.

Some of them are really good at it, but most paddle as hard as they can and either can’t catch the wake or can’t stay with it. (They remind me of the little boys racing the buses down the mountain at Machu Picchu.) One just came by now, his form so perfect it looked as if he were on a tow line.

They certainly seem to be enjoying their day.

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