Casa Garcia Alvarado in Lima, Peru

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2022)

Lima was once a center of wealth and power in South America and, as such, was crowded with fine colonial mansions. Earthquakes, time, and changing economic conditions have taken their toll and few of these fine homes have been preserved.We are fortunate that our tour includes one of these, Casa Garcia Alvarado.

This art deco house, still in private hands, was built in 1912 and remodeled in 1932.

While the house itself is lovely and beautifully furnished, it is the Spanish-style courtyard that really captivates me.

Ana Maria and Josefina García Alvarado are gracious hosts and, between the fountains, gardens, intricate tiles from Seville, and the pisco sour in my hand, it is easy to forget that the noise and chaos of Lima lies just beyond these walls. (Just don’t look up too high).

I absolutely do not want to leave.

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