Callao (Lima) Peru

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2021)

We have two days in Lima. But we aren’t actually in Lima.

Instead, we are in Callao, a large industrial port far from the heart of Lima.

We are docked in the port’s container terminal, which is interesting enough to watch while finishing my morning tea.

Other ships – including a large and varied fishing fleet – are anchored out in the harbor all around us.

While not traditionally picturesque, it is interesting.

Of course, we are eager to see Lima, so we will spend little time watching what happens here.

But, before we can see Lima, we have to leave here. As far as I can tell from my previous research, the area beyond the gates to the port in Callao (and Callao as a whole) is noted only for its crime. All the advice is the same: Go no farther then the entrance gate to get a cab and do not even do that at night.

Sheesh. That makes it pretty inconvenient to get in and out of Lima.

Thanks to Mike and Lee Ann, we have a driver arranged, but I do wonder if the whole city is getting a bad rap. It can’t all be that bad. Still, I’m relieved when a couple of phone calls result in a polite, well-spoken man named Able guiding us past the aggressive taxi drivers pushing for business and ushering us into his car. It feels like a haven.

As we head into Lima, we pass through a neat enough looking city, with tidy shops and homes, well-maintained parks, and separated bike lanes.


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