Barranco in Lima, Peru

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2022)

Able has brought us to one of the places I most wanted to visit while in Lima, the funky Barranco neighborhood. This was a seaside resort catering to Lima’s aristocracy during the 19th century. Today the cozy houses from that time are filled with cozy galleries, music, pubs, and cafes. It is Lima’s “Bohemian” neighborhood where many of the city’s artists congregate.

It is a lovely, cheerful, green, and leafy place.

Within this lively neighborhood, a church puts on a brave face – the restored and brightly painted façade deflecting attention from its ruined interior, open roof, and broken cupolas.

Near the church is a walkway that leads to an view of the sea. The walkway itself is lined with colorful restaurants with enticing-looking decks.

Able takes some convincing – he knows of a good buffet in Miraflores . . . We protest that we want to eat here and that we want him to join us and then put him in charge of picking out a restaurant. He’s clearly not sure about this plan, but we insist and he gamely checks out a couple of the restaurants and selects one for us.

Space is quickly made to provide us with a view of the surrounding neighborhood and the water beyond.

It is a great spot just to relax.

And that is before Able starts ordering for us. First up: Ceviche, naturally (ceviche is a traditional luncheon meal in Peru), served with a pisco sour.

Ah, heaven.

The ceviche is fabulous, but the best treat may be the Peruvian corn. The huge, pale yellow kernels are sweet and tender with a delicate flavor. Soooo yummy!

The ceviche is followed by too many plates of seafood prepared in a variety of tasty ways.

It’s all so good.

Is there a better way to experience a country than an afternoon spent eating wonderful local food in a lovely place with interesting companions? I really don’t think life gets much better than this.

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