The Miraflores Locks

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2019)

Going through the Panama Canal is a slow process.

The Bridge of the Americas ?? marks the entrance to the canal and everyone is trying to get a look at it – something that is almost impossible due to the lack of open balconies on the front of the ship.

However, I do get a good look at it as we go below it.

Obviously is this a very busy commercial/industrial area, but there are also the luxuriously green hills that I expect can be found throughout Panama.

In no time at all we are approaching the locks at Miraflores.

(I like the arrow pointing toward the lock we are to enter. It seems so obvious and low-tech.)

As we move into the lock itself, locomotive mules hook onto our lines to lead us through.

The only spots that give us a view forward have heavily tinted glass and plants, so mostly I’m watching what is happening around us. . . . which is pretty interesting in and of itself.

Another ship is going through just ahead of us, which provides a good view of the proceedings, as well the ship (a Navy supply ship) itself.

They seem as interested in us as we are them.

And then we are moving.

In no time at all we are through and moving toward the Pedro Miguel Locks.

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