Fairhaven, Washington

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2020)

Back at the hotel, the kids are in the pool and are not interested in leaving. We had planned to spend most of the day together, but the decision is made instead to say good-bye to our friends now and let the kids stay in the pool while Lane and I continue on.

We follow the Chukanut Drive to Bellingham. This is described as a scenic drive with waterfalls and great ocean views. We do find the ocean views (with a plaque that explains oyster reproduction) , but the waterfalls elude us. Mostly we see a lot of big trees.

Sooner than I want, we arrive in Bellingham‘s Fairhaven neighborhood.

Fairhaven was a booming port city in the late 1800s. Today’s downtown core dates from that period, with many of the historic buildings still in use as tourist shops, galleries, and restaurants. New condo developments crowd the older buildings, but without destroying the relaxed ambiance of the commercial core.

On our walk to the waterfront, we pass numerous signs indicating that an ocean-based economy still exists here at some level.

We also discover that this is where you catch the ferry for Alaska. Hmm. . . Maybe next year.

We spend a few hours walking down to the waterfront and back, ambling the historic streets, shopping, and eating lunch. It’s a nice break.

A fair haven, indeed.

Visiting the Pacific Northwest

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