A Botanical Extravaganza at UBC, Vancouver, Canada

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2020)

Nitobe Garden in mind as we head toward UBC, but I think we should save that for later when we already over there to visit the museum. (Actually, I plan to let Lane start in the museum while I linger in the garden.) Since I’m navigating, I direct him to the Botanical Garden instead.Lane reminds me that we have been here before. “Don’t you want to go somewhere new?”

But you never visit the same garden twice. Besides, it was a long time ago in a different season and I barely remember it.

It is scorching hot, so we head into the shady Asian gardens, where I am hoping for the same extravagantly blooming azaleas and rhododendrons that brightened every corner of Seattle. Alas, the rhododendron season has mostly ended in this corner of Vancouver. There are a few pink and white blossoms left, but most have finished and sent out the new year’s leaves.

But of course there is lots more to see throughout the garden.

There are plenty of familiar flowers, like flowering dogwoods, which I love, but we can’t grow at home;

old-fashioned roses;

iris, which are blooming right this moment back in Minnesota;

wild geranium;


and a weird, but beautiful and sweet-smelling lilac;

along with a whole host of others that I do not recognize.

It is a glorious place.

Visiting the Pacific Northwest

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