Visiting the Pacific Northwest

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2021)

Sorry it’s been so quiet here, but I’ve been really busy at work, in the yard, and ON VACATION!

Yes, after a about a six year absence, we finally made it out to the Pacific Northwest to visit Michele and Norman in Seattle and the Inuit and Northwest Coast art galleries in Vancouver.

Pacific Northwest itinerary

Friday: Pre-Departure Antics

It’s weird. Now that NWA is out of bankruptcy, it appears they only have half their staff working. Up until now, they’ve seemed to be fully staffed and operating smoothly. Is this the NWA of the future?

Later, when we board the plane, there are two women in our seats. The one in my seat is huge, so I’m guessing she has the middle seat is hoping she’ll be able to talk someone (me) into letting her stay on the aisle.

Saturday: North of Seattle

La Conner

Deception Pass

Mount Erie

Norman says he knows how to get to the top of nearby Mount Erie and that the views from there are great.

He’s absolutely right.

Sunday: Off to Canada

Return to Mount Erie


Vancouver from My Window

I’m sitting in my hotel room with its semi-wrap-around windows, high above the city. And what a city it is, with the mountains and ocean and a lively urban landscape!

Vancouver city panorama

Plaza 500, located across from City Hall. (A building I wish I had gone inside to explore, but, as usual, I forgot that was an option.)

classic white tower

I wanted a hotel near Gastown, but was put off by the high prices being asked for what appeared to be pretty dumpy spots located next to social service centers and homeless shelters. I finally gave up and turned to Priceline to bid on a three-star in “downtown.” As you can see, it isn’t actually downtown, but you can see downtown from here. And the neighborhood we are in is mostly a quiet residential area, so this is an ok location. Ambling around here would be a treat. . . if I can drag myself away from my panoramic view.

UBC’s Botanical Extravaganza


Monday: In Vancouver’s neighborhoods and galleries

Around the Neighborhood

Gastown Galleries


Tuesday: Vancouver’s museums and gardens

Along the Shore

Although it looks as if rain could come tumbling down at any moment, we decide to head for the expansive beaches near UBC’s campus.


Nitobe Garden

The Anthropology Museum

The Queen of Saanich


Wednesday: Gorgeous garden

Butchart Gardens

Abkhazi Garden

Thursday: Ferry Crossing

Seattle (Friday, June 8)

Tacoma (Saturday, June 9)

The details

Seattle coastal area map


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