Wisconsin Travel Guide

Wisconsin is a gorgeous state, where almost every place is beautiful. While a few areas (I’m looking at you, Wisconsin Dells) have been spoiled by over development, most of the state retains its natural beauty, making it the perfect place for a weekend road trip.

Just be sure to get off the freeway!

Northern Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands and Lake Superior’s South Shore

Apostle Islands - ExplorationVacation.netI love the Apostle Islands and go there regularly to sail and explore the shore. While I’m usually there in warmer seasons, it’s a wonderful destination throughout the year.

The Saint Croix Valley

paddlewheel ship St Croix River cruise Minnesota - www.ExplorationVacation.netThe Saint Croix River begins in Wisconsin, with the southern portion marking the boundary between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Both sides are lovely, although I’m more often found exploring the parks on the Minnesota side.

Hudson sits just across the river from the MSP (Minneapolis/Saint Paul) metro area, but it has an identity and culture all its own.

Along the Mississippi River

Mississippi River - www.explorationvacation.netThe Mississippi River forms a long section of the boundary between Minnesota and Wisconsin. It’s an absolutely gorgeous area filled with quaint villages and dramatic shoreline.

  •  I’m in La Crosse (May 2008)


South-central Wisconsin

Wisconsin farm - www.ExplorationVacation.netWonderful for rural drives, the rolling hills of south-central Wisconsin are beautiful whether covered with trees or fields.

Along Lake Michigan


Milwaukee Art Museum - www.ExplorationVacation.netFamous for its breweries, there’s a lot more to Milwaukee than beer. (But the beer is good too.)


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