Fall weekend in Wisconsin

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2020)

Friends of ours participate in a fall art tour in Wisconsin at this time every year. For too many years now we have looked at the calendar and decided that we can’t go. . . so this year we decide to make time for a visit.


Day 1 in Wisconsin

Besides, it is a beautiful day for a leisurely trip south along the river through and into Wisconsin.

We take time for a lovely lunch at the Hotel Trempealeau (try the walnut balls/burgers). . . .

. . . then head down to Spring Green to visit a few artists’ studios (a little Christmas shopping done) and enjoy a least a little Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

But it is getting late, so it is time to move along – with a few photo stops as the sun prepares to set.

We are late to arrive, but the Byers greet us warmly anyway and soon we are all busy in the kitchen “helping” prepare dinner.

It’s a wonderful evening!

Day 2 in Wisconsin

It is a perfect fall morning, far too nice to stay in the house. . .

But, of course, our friends have to prepare for the final day of the art tour and our “assistance” is really of very little use.

Sadly, it is time for us to head home, which probably means saying good-bye to fall for this year.


Exploring Wisconsin

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