Grand Portage State Park in winter

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2020)

Despite ominous clouds hanging over the lake this morning, it appears we will be blessed with another gorgeous day . . . time for road trip!<

Grand Portage State Park has a new visitor center that our hostess/tour guide for the weekend is eager to show us. The facility is a partnership between the Grand Portage Band of Ojibwe and the state and will feature information on native culture as well as serving as a rest area and part visitor center.

Our hostess has also held out the possibility of meeting Travis Novitsky as part of this little adventure (I had discovered Travis’ amazing photos on my last trip up this way) and, indeed, Travis is working at the visitor’s center when we arrive. He is funny and unassuming (I suspect his friends and family wouldn’t allow him be otherwise) and it is a treat to get to meet such a talented photographer.

Of course, the real reason to visit here is the Pigeon River’s “High Falls” – at 120 feet, the highest waterfall in the state of Minnesota.


It doesn’t disappoint.

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