Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

As we head north, we pass through a coastal landscape that is mostly peaceful and bucolic.

At least that is true until we reach the over-developed playground of the wealthy at Princeville. It’s not a pretty sight, but when you turn your back on the overdeveloped coast and look inland for a moment, you are rewarded with a glimpse of an older, quieter Hawaii in the form of lush taro fields of the Hanalei Valley.

The scene attracts painters as well as tourists and today we find Ales Sedlacek at work.

Just a bit down the road we find development far more to my liking in the form of the agreeable little beach town of Hanalei.

I’m sure this is where Puff lives in his cave (conveniently located just outside town), when he’s not out cruising the ocean or, perhaps, eating shave ice and shopping in town!

This is certainly where I would choose to live if I were a magic dragon.

I can’t stop happily singing to myself.

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