The Gardens of Bali Ha’i

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

>Hawaii – and particularly Kauai – has served as the location for many films over the years and tourists interested in such things can spend their whole vacation seeking out the exact locations where various scenes were shot. Not being much of a film buff, I ignored this section of the travel information.

So you can imagine my surprise earlier this morning when I looked over at the mountains as we drove north and instantly recognize the silhouette of Bali Ha’i from the film version of South Pacific.

I don’t even recall ever having seen the movie.

Abandoning the beach for the time being, we turn inland, toward the mountains that made up Bali Ha’i and the lush valley home of Limahuli Garden.

This lush tropical paradise includes ancient taro plots,

native Hawaiian plants,

and introduced species. . .

. . . all growing in a lovely valley that opens out to provide striking views of the ocean.

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