Na Pali from Ground Level

Last updated on December 19th, 2020

We continue on our way, stopping briefly along the way to join the surfers watching the waves crash on the sandy beaches just outside Hanalei.

Then, quite suddenly, we find ourselves at the end of the road.

Ke’e Beach marks both the end of the road and the beginning of the rugged Na Pali Coast. It is a powerful and beautiful place.

For now though, we turn away from the broad sandy beach and, instead, follow a rocky trail behind the beach and up toward the mountains.

The air is misty and damp amid the lush undergrowth.

We are looking for an ancient Hawaiian heiau, but either we don’t follow the right trail or we can’t distinguish the heiau from the natural rock outcroppings. Even without the archaeological element, it is wonderful to be in such a lovely place.

Back on the beach, we walk along the sandy shore, admiring the crashing waves and the misty slopes of the Na Pali.

There are only a few other people here today. Mostly we share the beach with a couple of red-crested cardinals. . .

. . . and a solitary, but fast-moving, wandering tattler (‘ulili) here on winter vacation.

Smart bird. I’d like to spend the winter here too.

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