Route 580

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

It takes us CONSIDERABLY more time to reach our next hotel than I had anticipated, both because traffic in Hawaii moves much more slowly than I am used to and because I don’t know exactly where the hotel is. (Even when I figure out where it should be, I can’t find it – who would expect to reach a resort through a shopping mall parking lot?)

My confusion means we have less time left in the day than we had anticipated, so we decide just to take a “quick” drive down Highway 580 to check out a waterfall and an arboretum.

The drive is scenic, first winding through lovely suburbs and then providing nice views of Opaeka’a Falls. . . an experience that affirms my preference for the sight of homes in subdivisions rather than perched above waterfalls.

There are also close-up views of the river – a little TOO close-up, I fear.

The arboretum lies just beyond, but I am unsuccessful in my attempt to convince Lane that this is EXACTLY the situation I envisioned when I rented an SUV! (Chicken.)

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