Blogging Colorado (Denver and Keystone)

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

I made a quick trip to Colorado earlier this month to participate in the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX)  conference. (Yes, an entire fabulous conference just for travel bloggers or, as they so eloquently put it, new media travel writers.) The conference was held in Keystone, so we spent a few days in Denver too.

It was a great trip, but, as usual, it will take me awhile to get my journal completely posted. Those posts will be linked here as I complete them.

Travel Journal

Day 1: June 13, 2012

Denver International Airport

Historic Capitol Hill

A Summer Night in Denver

We are staying just a few blocks from the Colorado State Capitol, so we begin there. That leaves us near the free bus that runs up and down the 16th Street Mall and provides a perfect base for a quick evening exploration of downtown.

The Denver Cruisers Are Out

Day 2: June 14

Denver’s Kirkland Museum

Denver Art Museum

Yves Saint Laurent in Denver

Contrasting Architectural Eras

Denver Botanic Gardens

Day 3: June 15

A Lift to the Sunset

Days 4 and 5: June 16 and 17

TBEX Comes to Keystone

Ambling Along the Mountainside

Daily Snapshots

Day 1: June 13 in Denver

Today’s highlights include beaded car art at the Denver International Airport, Denver’s Historic Capitol Hill District, the Colorado State Capitol at dusk, and downtown Denver during the blue hour.


Day 2: June 14 in Denver

Day 2 included the Kirkland Museum, the Denver Public Library (which we didn’t actually go inside), the Denver Art Museum, and the Denver Botanic Garden.


Day 3 in Denver and Keystone (June 15)

Now we say goodbye to the Capitol Hill Mansion B&B in Denver, settle in at the Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone, and an evening at a party on a mountaintop.


Day 4 in Keystone (June 16)

Around Keystone


Day 5 in Keystone (June 17)

On the Incline trail behind (and above) the Keystone Conference Center:

Dinner at the Ski Tip Lodge:


Travel Planning and Details

Keystone, Colorado
Ski Tip Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Keystone
Capitol Hill Bed and Breakfast in Denver

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