Almost the Boundary Waters: Lake Vermilion

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024

Lake Vermilion is about as close to the Boundary Waters as you can get without actually going there. (And if you do want to go into the Boundary Waters, access is available via nearby Trout Lake.)

Like the Boundary Waters, Lake Vermilion is characterized by clean water, exposed bedrock, boreal forests, and northern wildlife. Unlike the wilderness area to the north, the lake is easily accessed via road, with public docks, comfortable resorts and cabins, and a few restaurants.

While not a true wilderness experience, Lake Vermilion gives visitors a taste of the northern wilderness.

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July 2012 Travel Journal

Our Limo Arrives

We are spending a long weekend on Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota, staying with friends whose home can only be reached via the water.

dock into the water with a pontoon arriving

This seems like a good way to start a visit.

Happy Hour

Investigating a Little Piece of Paradise

We are staying on a part of Lake Vermilion that is not accessible by land. It isn’t an island, but it feels a lot like one.

There is a lot of variety in this small area. Everything one needs, really, for a true north woods experience.

Ely Blueberry Festival

Just one of the local eagles

On the way home we get to greet one of the local eagles again.

This seems like a sign that it is a good neighborhood!

Taking a Spin on the Lake

Waiting for the Storm

The weather on Lake Vermilion is changeable – what starts out as a lovely day can turn stormy far more quickly than one ordinarily would guess.

As the day comes to an end, the sky above the bay on one side of us is still and quiet, as if settling in for a peaceful night.

However, the news indicates there are storms nearby and the sky in that direction looks as if it is considering delivering some nasty weather later this evening.

The rain begins around midnight.

Planning a Lake Vermilion vacation

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