Wandering Al-Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

As a bit of a treat, Romani has decided to bring us back to Al-Azhar Park (where we had dinner the night we arrived in Egypt) so we can see it and the surrounding skyline in daylight.

We again have lunch in the lovely restaurant housed in a new version of a Mameluk structure (I am discovering that there are fake historic buildings all over the world) with lovely dining areas and good food.

Al Azhar Park Cairo

After lunch we have time to take in the views and wander through the park.

The park is beautiful, with fountains, graceful plantings, and Cairo’s skyline in all directions.


As we reach the point where we are to meet the bus, Denise and I realize there is a hilltop viewpoint in the park. It is so enticing! But now there is only a few minutes before the bus is due to arrive. Clearly isn’t time to get up there and back.

So we wait with the others until just before the bus is due — until we see Larry take off in the direction of the view point. What?! We ask Isaac, can we go too? Please!

He watches Larry’s rapidly retreating figure and then turns back to us. Clearly he thinks he should say “no,” but finally says “yes” – but we must be fast and we must bring Larry back with us. We promise and take off.

It’s an even longer hike up there than we expected, but soon we too are admiring the view all around us as the sun sinks in the sky. Fabulous!

Al Azhar Park Cairo

Al Azhar Park Cairo

Al Azhar Park Cairo

sunset Al Azhar Park Cairo


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