Visiting with the Pilgrims circa 1627

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts provides a chance to catch up with the settlers who came across on the Mayflower and later ships to establish a community here.

We stopped to chat with a few of Plimoth’s residents:


I am happy here. I was a printer in England, now I am a farmer. In England I couldn’t follow my religion and in Holland I couldn’t be an Englishman. Here I can be both an Englishman and true to God.

- ExplorationVacation.netThere is always work to do, but it is good here. Only God knows the future.

actors at Plimoth Plantation - ExplorationVacation.netGovernor Bradford is a very important man and many important people have been in this house, but I am just a servant so I shouldn’t speak of these things.

- ExplorationVacation.netThere is plenty here. I only wish that Plimoth had a mill – that would be a blessing.

- ExplorationVacation.netThe voyage over was terrible. No one should ever want to cross the sea.

- ExplorationVacation.netThere are newer ones, but this is a good piece. Stay a moment and I’ll show you how to load her.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Plimoth Plantation is located near Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

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