The road to Hana, Hawaii

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

We start out under gray skies, but the woman at the front desk assured me that it will not rain and that it is a good day to drive to Hana.

Indeed it is.

The road is fun, twisting and turning through the trees, but it requires regular stops at most of the 50 plus (mostly single lane) bridges to look for (and yield to) oncoming traffic.

There are waterfalls along the way, but most aren’t that impressive (perhaps I’m spoiled after being on the North Shore last fall), so we detour into the tiny village of Ke’anae. Here the waves smash into (and through) the rugged lava shoreline, offering a spectacle not available anywhere in Minnesota!

This is an old settlement where taro has been grown for generations, but there really a village here anymore. However, the Congregational church (constructed in the 1850s) has survived the ravages of both time and a hurricane. Today it is a peaceful place with only a lone cow to keep watch as I wander through the small cemetery.

We also stop here for a lunch of banana bread (hot from the oven), homemade trail mix, Maui-style potato chips, and fruit smoothies. Yum, yum.

Then we are back on the road again in search of more greenery, waterfalls, crashing waves, and sweeping ocean views before ending our day on the beaches of Hana.

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