Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2020)

Tonight we have group event and dinner at Mount Rushmore.

It is a gorgeous warm spring evening when we arrive.

It’s pretty cool, but I’ve always thought of Mount Rushmore as a sort of corny site and I guess l still do. Maybe I just prefer my mountains unadorned. The Black Hills are made up of gorgeous twisted and folded stone – they certainly were not in need of any human intervention.

From the President’s Trail we also have good views of the prairie that stretches into the distance far, far below us.

Very lovely.

I have few moments to duck into the large gift shop. In the back of the shop, large glassed-in cases beckon with gorgeous native-made jewelry. There are rows of beautiful inlaid stone baubles, but all are Southwestern in style (none seems to have local influences) and would require dropping a fair-sized sum to purchase. I leave without touching a single one.

Dinner is pleasant and we are able to watch the oversized presidential faces brighten under the lights as the sky darkens.

It is pretty cool.

mount rushmore at night

We return to Rapid City via lovely skyline drive – a rather stomach-churning adventure on a bus in the dark of night.

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