Lobby Trees

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2019)

I waited until after the workday ended to do these photos because I wanted to show these lobbies as I’ve been seeing them as I walk by each night – festive, but abandoned.

What I discover while shooting is that the lobbies only look empty. At night they become the realm of security guards and cleaning crews. Both leave mostly clear, but subtle, signs of their presence even when they themselves are absent from view.

Only one security guard chases me away during my photo shoot, telling me it is illegal to look into and photograph the lobby from the sidewalk I find this particularly amusing, since it is part of a college complex – it doesn’t seem like a very friendly place to take classes!

There was one lobby that I could enjoy both from ground level

or from above, via my hotel window.

But I only had that view during the work week. Like most of the other lobbies in this area, the trees weren’t lit during the weekend.

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