Lighthouses and Caves in the Apostle Islands

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2020)

Who would have believed after last night’s storm that this morning would dawn cool and clear and calm here in the Apostle Islands.  I’m not a morning dog (this is Barney again), but it was such a beautiful morning that the trip to shore was almost enjoyable.

Of course, Molly loved it.

Back on board, we motored first (I guess there wasn’t any wind), but then the sails went up, the engine went quiet, and the floor began to slope.

There was some talk about the Raspberry Island Lighthouse, but we didn’t stop to go ashore. I think the humans were totally focused on sailing, they didn’t even notice when things – like my water dish – started flying across the cabin!

There is a lighthouse on Sand Island too, but we didn’t stop for a shore visit there either.

Instead we sailed by, then turned around and followed the shore into a large bay where we anchored.

Pretty soon we were all zipping to shore in the dinghy.

Once we got to shore, the beach was wonderful – broad and sandy, with warm water perfect for wading.


This seemed like a good place to spend the rest of the afternoon, but no. The humans had other plans. Pretty soon we were all in the dinghy again and on our way to the sea caves.

The black flies were fierce, so we didn’t actually go into the caves, which might have been kind of cool, but other people have good pictures that give you an idea of what they are like inside.

I worried a bit that those junior voyageurs might forsake their birch bark canoe for our much cozier boat while we were away, but she was still waiting for us when we returned.

Then, as it turned out, the light afternoon wind was perfect for a gentle sail to our anchorage on Oak Island.


I’m glad my humans ignored the kayak people on shore who told us there were other sandy beaches, as this one ensured calm water and a glorious sunset at the end of day.

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