Into Egypt’s Western Desert

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2020)

We start the day driving through Cairo. . .

Today’s itinerary will take us to Wadi Natrun, which is located at the near edge of the Western Desert. However, before we reach the desert, we first pass through the delta’s lush green agricultural land.

The demarcation between irrigated land and the desert is unmistakable.

The Western Desert begins just beyond Cairo and stretches west to Libya, covering 2/3 of Egypt.

The glimpse I get from the bus is of a desolate place punctuated by a few irrigated upscale housing developments and a lot of isolated grand gates framing great expanses of vacant land.

It seems as if a number of grand dreams have died in this harsh place.

My favorite features in this otherwise monotonous scene are the huge conical pigeon houses that dot the landscape.

Now that’s a birdhouse!


woman on a camel at the pyramids with text "Egypt is awesome tour"camel by the pyramids with text "Egypt"

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