Good budget accommodations at the Ca’Rita Hotel, Isla Holbox

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

You’ll pay a premium to stay along the beach in Isla Holbox, but the fact is that no place on this small island is very far from the beach. One of those close-to-but-not-on the beach locations is the Ca’Rita Hotel.

When we arrived the streets were filled with water, but the sidewalk was just high enough to let us reach the hotel without getting wet! (That’s always an advantage when traveling.)

Isla Holbox -

While the flooded streets complicated getting around, we discovered a short-cut through a vacant lot across from the hotel that gave us a dry access to the beach (a block and a half away) and downtown (via the beach).

Isla Holbox Mexico -

(View of the hotel from our vacant lot jungle short-cut.)

The downside was that an extraordinary amount of mosquitoes seemed to be living in undergrowth in that lot!

Ca’Rita is a budget hotel, but it doesn’t feel like one. Even our very basic first floor room was large, cheerful, and comfortable with a big bathroom. Our room included more upscale extras like free wifi, a large safe, refrigerator, and TV (which we never used). It also had good air conditioning, which allowed us to seal most of the mosquitos out!



The hotel has a comfortable, simple courtyard. It would be a pleasant place to sit were it not for those hungry mosquitoes!


At least we could enjoy it through our window . . . on those rare occasions when we were actually in our room and not out exploring the island.

Ca’Rita currently doesn’t take bookings through their website, but is listed on several major booking services. We made all of our payments (for the hotel and a tour booked through the hotel) through PayPal, which was very convenient. You can find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about Ca’Rita Hotel at TripAdvisor.

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