A few minor Cambodian temples as a starter

Last updated on May 13th, 2020

Our rooms are ready when we return to the hotel. Like the rest of the hotel, our room is lovely, but I am particularly delighted with the view beyond my patio.

I dump my stuff on the bed, hurry out onto the patio, and lean against the railing to admire the view.

Next door, I see that Joe is doing the same thing.

We all meet again for lunch in the hotel dining room, where I order a traditional fish curry served in a coconut and a glass of white wine. It is scrumptious.

I think I am going to like it here.

But there is no time to lounge around the airy lobby or lay around the pool today, as there are ruins to see.

Soon we are back on the bus.

Preah Ko is a small brick temple from late in the 9th century. Much of it is in ruins, leaving the compound open and airy. The stone oxen in front indicate it was dedicated to Shiva.

Bakong is another temple to Shiva from the late 9th century, but this is a larger structure and presents a bit of a climb to reach the top level. Much of the carving has deteriorated over time, but it is still a beautiful place.

While we take a break to enjoy the view from the top of the ruins, school children scamper up to join us. They aren’t selling anything and appear to have climbed up here simply for the fun of it and to see who might be around. They make the climb look so easy.

From the top of the ruins, a modern temple is visible just beyond.

We walk past on our way our way back to the bus.

We head back into town late in the day, stopping to enjoy the sun setting over the rice paddies.

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