An art-filled home in Mérida, Mexico

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

When I took the house and garden tour offered by the Mérida English Library last year, there were four houses on the itinerary – although in the end we got to tour seven homes. Each was quite different from the others, as each homeowner began with very different structures (and very different levels of decay) and then followed their unique vision when making remodeling and decorating choices.

One of my favorites was the art-filled home whose owner had long connections to Mérida’s arts community.

Unlike most of the homes we visited, this one retains the gracious street-front living room that would have existed in the original home.

formal living room - house tour in Merida

(Not that they didn’t change the main floor of the original house. For example, a former garage area was converted into an entry area, providing a space for visitors to enter without stepping immediately into the living room.)

entry - house tour in Merida

The formal dining room is located on the far side of the living room, just off a cheerful kitchen.

dining room - house tour in Merida

kitchen - house tour in Merida

kitchen - house tour in Merida

A casual eating area by the kitchen leads to a gorgeous backyard with a pool and plenty of places to sit and relax, but the best views of that garden are from the upper level terraces.

upper level decks - house tour in Merida

There are two options to reach the upper levels. If you are already outdoors, a set of sun-splashed stairs will lead you up.

garden stairs - house tour in Merida

If you are indoors, you just cross the simple-but-gorgeous blue and white tile floor and climb the graceful floating stairway that leads to the second level.

stairway - house tour in Merida

tile floor - house tour in Merida

Once on the second level, you’ll find a large airry bedroom.

bedroom - house tour in Merida

That bedroom is lined with windows – all of which provide filtered sunlight and enticing views

View from bedroom - house tour in Merida

View from bedroom - house tour in Merida

A door in the bedroom leads to the surrounding terrace (and to stairs that lead to the roof-top terrace above) and to lovely views of the garden below.

upper terrace - house tour in Merida

upper terrace - house tour in Merida

patio - house tour in Merida

garden - house tour in Merida

As we leave I imagine what my life would be like if I lived here . . . this would be a wonderful place to call home!

We toured this house last year on one of the House and Garden Tours offered by the Mèrida English Library. Tours are held on Tuesdays beginning in November and running through March. They begin at the library with a brief overview of historic architecture and construction techniques before the walking tour begins. Each tour visits at least three homes.

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