Sugarloaf Cove along Minnesota’s North Shore

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2021)

Sugarloaf Cove natural area, along the Lake Superior shore near Schroeder, tends to be a quiet and tranquil place, which is true on this perfect spring day.

The nature trail winds through the woods to an ancient rock outcrop at the water’s edge.

From there we follow the trail down to the rocky beach.

I love the way the beach changes, from areas with rounded pebbles so small they would get lost in my pocket to those with large smooth boulders.

This area was logged and a short walk takes us past a number of reminders of those days – although we aren’t exactly sure what part of the operation these remnants represent.

We aren’t quite the only ones out here today, but nearly so.

It’s a peaceful place.

It appears there is a waterfall up just a bit, but my companions refuse to hike there with me.

Maybe I’ll get there on some other perfect day.

Exploring Minnesota’s North Shore

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