Solitude is golden in Florence, Italy

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2020)

Ah, Sunday morning in Florence. The churches will be filled with worshipers this morning, so the city – and particularly the plaza around the duomo – should be peaceful for once. It is just a short hike across the Ponte Vecchio and that should be peaceful too, since most of the jewelry stores that line the bridge will be closed at this time on a Sunday morning.

It’s a good theory.

Soon, however, the street begins to fill with runners and then a veritable sea of people dressed in matching tee-shirts. We have stumbled into the path of the Florence version of Walk for the Cure.

I want to cry.

It’s impossible to move, so we duck into an open jewelry store, Diamante, to escape the teeming hoard.

Of course, while I’m in here I do a little shopping. . . after all, one must be polite when seeking refuge, right?

Fall in Italy

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