Fall in Italy

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2021)

An Italian itinerary for Rome, Umbria, and Tuscany

Day 1: Rome

Ristorante Il Secchio

Since we haven’t really eaten anything for what seems like a very, very long time (breakfast on the plane was inedible), once we have settled into our room a bit and taken a very short nap it is time to find some lunch.

We end up just down the street at Ristorante Il Secchio where the most perfect, amazing noodles are accompanied by the house wine, snippets of the surrounding city, and the frequent passage of the city’s (very quiet) street cars.

Around our neighborhood


Day 2: Ancient Rome


Day 3: Roaming in Rome

Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini

The fountain in Piazza Barberini is about the first thing one sees when leaving the metro station. Not a bad way to begin a walking tour of this part of Rome.

Trevi Fountain

Every tourist goes to Trevi Fountain, but it is pretty cool.


Ancient Rome at Night


Day 4: The Vatican


Day 5: A side trip into the country


Hadrian’s Villa


Day 6: On to Orvieto

Roma Termini

Someone walking by just commented to his girlfriend that this is a train unlike any he’s ever seen before. I think he was referring specifically to the complete lack of luggage racks, but he could as easily be referring to the complete lack of signage. The board along the track said this was the train to Firenze (Florence), but there is no train number on our ticket or posted on the train itself and none of the maps inside the train actually list the route we think we are on. . .

I really thought, after taking trains in Germany, Finland, and Sweden that I had this figured out. Surprise!

The realities of travel in Europe. There is so much I don’t know.

Settling into Orvieto

Day 7: Photo class begins

After the storm: Morning dawns in Orvieto

The wind howled most of the night, screeching as it forced its way under the door to our room and into the hall. We closed the windows just as the thunder and lightening came.I  thought about getting out my tripod and taking pictures of the lightening from the window, but it was four in the morning and I hadn’t slept very well up until that point. . . .

Class Begins

I’m here for a week-long Traveler’s Eye Workshop photo class.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a couple years now, but in the last few days I’ve become pretty nervous. I hate having anyone see my work in progress (any type of work – photography, writing, gardening, you name it) because at that point it is clear how messy the process is, but not at all clear anything good will come of it. Now I’m going to have to let a couple of really good photographers see that. Scary.

Photographing Orvieto’s church

This is Going to be Really Hard

Along the way back I come across Rick and Rich standing in a doorway, intently shooting something in the street that is not obvious to me. I stop by to see what’s up, but seem to be in the way (I still can’t see what they are shooting) so continue on. I don’t get far though before Rick catches up to me and invites me to come back so he can show me what he is doing.

Then We Come Across a Wedding


Evening View from the Convent

Day 8: Off to a dramatic hill town

Photographing Civita di Bagnoregio

Scenes from along the Road

Day 9:

In the Rose Garden

The convent has a rose garden. I’ve only been here twice to take pictures (and then only for a few minutes while waiting for the others), but each time Chris threatens to ban me from taking any more pictures of flowers.

I don’t believe he’ll do it.

On to the day’s assignment

Or not. I actually spend most of my day just exploring.

Lane’s Been Practicing His Photography

Day 10: September 22

Morning View from Our Window


La Scarzuola

A Lesson Way Outside My Comfort Zone


Day 11: Markets and Vineyards

Market Day


Night in Orvieto

Day 12: Ancient architecture in Orvieto

Around the Instituto San Lodovico

San Giovenale

Wandering Ancient Streets


Day 13: Leaving Orvieto for Florence

Good-bye, Orvieto

This, our last morning in Orvieto, we are greeted by light rain and heavy fog.

Sister Giovanna tells us (in Italian) that the sky is crying because we are leaving.

Some sentiments don’t need translating. (Of course, Giovanna is also a master at making herself understood even without a shared language.) Besides, I like the idea that Orvieto might miss us as much as we will miss it.

It has been a good week and I am sad to have to say good-bye.

A Few Parting Images

A balcony with a garden view in Florence

Our room at the Hotel Annalena opens onto a plant-filled balcony that overlooks a private garden.

I’m not sure I’ll want to leave long enough to explore the rest of Florence!

Introduction to Florence

Despite the temptation to just sit on the balcony, we decide to explore a bit. We begin at the Ponte San Trinita and the surrounding streets.It is a lovely evening, busy with other people out enjoying the evening.


Day 14: Florence

Solitude is Golden

Sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo

Day 15: Sept 27

Day 16: Sept 28, Sept 29 . . .


From the Mountains to the Coast (October 3)

It is a stunningly beautiful morning as we leave Trevi.

Italian mountaintop town and village below

The Details

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