A Quiet Day at the Pipe

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2020)

Soon we are back on the road, but this time with Dawn (a Honolulu native) driving. What a treat!

Since I’m a little bit of a highway geek (mind you, nothing like the real highway geeks I work with), we start our exploration on the H3 – a controversial highway notable both for its fabulous scenery and its extraordinary construction cost.

We make a quick stop to admire lovely Kaneohe Bay.

And then we are headed north, passing what seems like scores of beaches along the way.

Although we know their won’t be any monster waves today, we are headed for the Banzai Pipeline anyway.

As expected, there aren’t any really big waves, but it isn’t exactly bath water either.

Soon we meet the guy collecting the “beach closed” signs.

Despite that assurance, we aren’t about to get in the water here today.

Instead, we walk along the beach, enjoying the day and trying to imagine what it must be like when a thirty- or forty-foot wall of water races ashore here.

Actually, I can’t imagine it.

When it is time to move on, we simply head a little farther along to the next tempting beach.

There is a whole string of them and they are all beautiful.

At our last stop, we meet another creature who has chosen to avoid the surf this afternoon.

Enjoy your nap, my friend.

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