Snorkeling Molokini, Hawaii

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2020)

This morning we are headed just off-shore from our hotel for snorkeling in the collapsed crater of little Molokini.

It’s a bigger group than I would like to go out with, but once in the water all that really matters is the fish.

Among others, we see reef triggerfish (Hawaii’s state fish, the humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua’a), yellow tang, Moorish idols, a variety of butterfly fish, pennant fish, parrot fish, pink tail dragons, and lots and lots of orange spine unicorn fish. . . Unfortunately most aren’t willing to pose!

For once I am smart enough to get out of the water before hypothermia starts to set in and I climb back aboard the boat where Mai Tais and lunch are waiting.

After lunch we spend some time whale watching and (for once) we see whales! A couple of big males are in the area, but of most interest are the mother and calf that that stay near the boat. They are huge and wonderful. (My whale-less streak clearly broken.)

Our last stop is for turtle viewing right off the hotel beach.

It’s amazing how these creatures that are so ungainly on land glide through the water with such grace.

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