Photo Thursday: Dubrovnik Memories

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2022)

For various reasons, Croatia has been on my mind this week, so I’m taking a break from posts about the Seychelles to focus on Dubrovnik this week.

Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, is a gorgeous walled city. The walls are wide and well maintained, providing a wonderful walkway for looking into the city and out to the ocean beyond. Within those walls, I remember glistening white “streets” (cars are not allowed within the the walled city) and warm white walls, narrow alleys — some comprised of nothing but steps, wonderful food severed alfresco, and intricate local jewelery. The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a wealth of wonderful late medieval buildings. Dubrovnik might be my favorite jewelry shopping destination in the world, but it is so picturesque that even I had trouble staying focused on all those jewelry shops!


I was last there as part of a cruise in 2004. By that time the scars the war left on the city’s lovely buildings were mostly repaired, although obvious to those who knew where to look. Not so obvious were the scars in human hearts. People were warm and friendly, eager to enjoy life, but if you took your time, the stories would come out – sometimes when least expected, like the matter of fact explanation that the odd corrosion on that piece of jewelry is from being buried. If you, like me, were only half listening while you tried to choose between the beautiful handmade pieces (some made by your young salesmen, others by his father and grandfather), you might look up suddenly and ask “Buried? Why would it be buried?” This might lead to a story of how all the jewelry and antique cabinetry was removed and hidden before the shelling began “just in case.” And a good thing too, since a shell came straight
down through the ceiling above your head.

Despite all my reminiscing, this is my contribution to Photo Thursday at Nancie’s Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Check it out for more images and stories from around the world.


13 thoughts on “Photo Thursday: Dubrovnik Memories”

  1. I once had the idea to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage sites until I realized just how long that list is. But Dubrovnik looks like it could land on my to-visit list. My dad has a similar jewelry story from living in the Philippines during World War II. His grandmother buried their gold jewelry in the yard when the bombings began. After their house was bombed, it was months before they could return to dig it back up. When they did, it had melted together from the heat.

    1. I too once had that goal, until I saw the full list. Wow.

      Those stories are good reminders of how fragile the lives we live are and how quickly they can change. Thanks for sharing your dad's story.

  2. Such beautiful photos! We went on a Mediterranean cruise the summer of 2011 and when choosing itineraries I had to pick either Istanbul or Dubrovnik. We ended up choosing the itinerary that had 2 days in Istanbul but I still very badly want to visit Croatia and Dubrovnik in particular.

    1. Having to choose between Istanbul or Dubrovnik is sort of cruel, but – as much as I enjoyed Dubrovnik – I think you made the right choice. Istanbul has so much more. But Croatia is beautiful and is a great cruise location because the stops are close together and the right size for day trips. I'll have to post a few more pictures from that trip.

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