Memorable Moments: Walking the City Wall in Kotor, Montenegro, 2004

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

My husband and I took an Adriatic cruise in 2004 that began in Venice and took us along the coast of Croatia and Montenegro to Corfu, Greece, and back again. At that time Montenegro wasn’t much of a tourist destination, so it felt as if I were discovering someplace exotic and unknown.

Kotor, Montenegro is a medieval city tucked between the Bay of Boka Kotorska and the surrounding mountains. Its location is stunning and its wealth of historic structures have led to the listing of the old city and its wall as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Approaching from the sea, the predominate feature of Kotor is the stunning “wall” that zig-zags up the mountainside above the city.

It is an amazing sight

Of course I am determined to hike all the way to the top where the fortress of San Giovanni (St. John) sits almost 1000 feet above the sea.

Lane is less eager (there is a lot of – quite uneven – stairs), but accompanies me as far as the Church of Our Lady of Remedy, an Orthodox church established in 1518 and accessible only by foot.

Even from this point, the views are great. However, I’m sure they’ll just keep getting better, so I say goodbye to Lane and continue on.

It’s beautiful, but hot and I’m getting tired.

I’m about ready to give up when the group of young Texans from my cruise show up. They have water and extra snacks, which they share with me, and we continue on together.


It’s a good thing I have company, as the higher portions of the wall have some rough patches where it has begun to collapse. We help each other over the disintegrating spots until, at last, we reach the fortress.

I made it!

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