Palazzone winery, Italy

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

This afternoon’s assignment is a visit to a local winery. (Another reason I am loving this class!)

Palazzone is a beautiful family winery just outside Orvieto that produces lovely wines. We get a full tour, but the whole time I’m torn between the conflicting desires to learn more about this place by sticking with the guide, run around taking photos, or just to sit and taste the wines!

We get to do all three – learning a little about winemaking in this place, taking photos as the sunlight sweeps low across the vineyards, and tasting three delicious wines during a fascinating discussion of wine, place, and process with winemaker Giovanni Dubini.

A perfect assignment with which to end the day!

(This photo is in large part courtesy of Rick, who not only showed me where to stand to shoot this, but also how to frame it.)

photo by Maury Landsman

Fall in Italy

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