Nearly-closed roads, Ransom County, North Dakota

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2019)

The friend we are visiting has been taking us on a tour of the area she considers home.Among the highlights she wants to show us is a road that appears run right into the water until, at the last minute, you see the turn that takes the road around the pond rather than into it.

She thinks she remembers how to reach this spot and we see water across the road far ahead; or maybe it is mirage. We aren’t sure. Then we come to a sign perched along the side of the road announcing “ROAD CLOSED” in big black letters.

We confer. The sign isn’t actually blocking the road and section of road visible beyond looks perfectly fine. We continue on.

North Dakota had a wet spring this year, followed by a very dry summer. Clearly this road was under several feet of water only a few months ago and, even now, large numbers of wading birds have chosen this stretch of roadway as their private beach.

It is so quiet here. There are no human sounds at all, only the wind in the tree, the birds, and the frogs that plop into the water as I approach.

And, yes, we continued on. The road really isn’t closed anymore.

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