Fort Ransom (the fort), Ransom County, North Dakota

Last updated on May 8th, 2019

In 1867 a fort was constructed in southeastern North Dakota to protect the overland route between Minnesota and Montana. Named for Major General Thomas E. G. Ransom, the fort consisted of twelve buildings protected by a dry moat. It was dismantled just five years later and the materials were re-used in the construction of a fort in Jamestown to protect a river crossing used by the Northern Pacific Railroad.Today all that marks its location on the rolling plains of Ransom County are mounded soil, a few foundations, and simple signs indicating the location where each building once stood.

Despite the surrounding fields, it is still a pretty lonely spot.

The Fort Ransom State Historical Site is located along the Walt Hjelle Parkway about a mile north of CR 58 and about 2 miles southwest of the city of Fort Ransom.

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