Memorable Moments: Dads and Daughters Day in the Desert, Arizona, 2001

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2019)

For years my Dad had four-wheel drive vehicles that never, ever were driven beyond a maintained road, so when I was in Arizona with my girlfriend, we arranged for our Dads to join us for a day of off-road driving in the desert.

We started our travels on the Apache Trail. Not exactly off-road, but the flowers were in full bloom, making for a stunningly beautiful drive.  Along the way we stopped at Fish Creek Canyon and Roosevelt Dam before having lunch along Roosevelt Lake. From there we made a detour to the cliff dwellings at Tonto too.

By then it was getting late in the day and we still hadn’t been off-road yet!

For our off-road adventure, friends had recommended a “road” that ended at an artisan well out in the desert. That seemed like a good destination. We had a wonderful time bouncing over rutted paths through stunning scenery without ever finding the well. We kept going until we came to a stream, but by then it was about to get dark. My Dad said we could get through the stream, but it seemed like a good time to head home.  NEXT TIME we would find the stream.

We didn’t spend a lot of time off-road that day, but it was a truly wonderful day.

Love you, Dad. . . and Dave too. Thanks for all the good times.

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